Pay with crypto page

We also offer to pay for our platform with crypto. We only accept crypto payments for yearly subscriptions.

Please complete the following instructions below to be able to get your pro account:

  • Create an account on Whaleportal.
  • Send BTC or ETH to the following address:
    • BTC: bc1qgllselv2lx6ervjmth9r7h7f72ht20wgjxfyx2 (0.01 BTC)
    • ETH: 0x26B219F68f77d40D7ffDC8eaDcdD4d9E92B957d2 (0.18 ETH)

Send an e-mail with TX id and your e-mail you used to register on Whaleportal to

We try to verify it as soon as possible and once the payment is verified your account will get access to all the pro features of our platform.