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Bitcoin Balance on Exchanges

The Bitcoin Balance on Exchanges is showing the number of Bitcoins that are being held on exchanges. Whaleportal is tracking...

Open Interest

The Open Interest is the amount of funds that are in a contract at one specific moment. If you open a contract...

Fear and Greed Index

The Crypto Fear and Greed Index is a sentiment indicator. It tells you whether the sentiment in the crypto markets is...

Premium Index

The Bitcoin Premium index tracks the premium or discount of Bitcoin perpetual contracts relative to the spot index price per minute. The premium...

Funding Rates

The funding rates are one of the most popular and successful indicators for Bitcoin derivative traders. The funding rates show...

Taker Buy/Sell Ratio

The "Taker buy/sell ratio" shows us the ratio between the long and short volumes in the derivatives market. When the value is greater than...


Sentiment Heatmap Explained

Crypto sentiment online is analysed and plotted on the charts as a heatmap. The sentiment heatmap on Whaleportal.

Whaleportal Heatmaps Explained

Whaleportal heatmaps are visual representations of buying and selling pressure on the charts of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

The Psychology of Risk Management: A Deep Dive into the Trader's Mind

Meta Description: Explore the psychological dimensions of risk management in trading. Understand how overconfidence and loss aversion influence trading decisions and learn how experience and training can mitigate these effects.

The Evolution of WhalePortal: A Look at Our New Dashboard Features

Discover the latest enhancements of WhalePortal's dashboard, designed for an optimal Bitcoin futures trading experience. Dive into new features, sleek design updates, and advanced metrics in our detailed walkthrough. Elevate your trading journey with WhalePortal.

Top 5 Indicators To Use For Bitcoin Day Trading

Explore the top five indicators crucial for Bitcoin day trading, including the RSI, VPVR, moving averages, funding rates, and the Premium Index. Enhance your trading strategy with these tools and track them seamlessly on Whaleportal.

Top 10 Telegram Channels for Crypto Signals in the Year 2023

Explore the top 10 Telegram channels for crypto signals in 2023, including the innovative Whaleportal Alerts. These channels provide real-time insights, market analysis, and trading indications, catering to various trading needs. Learn how to effectively manage assets, set targets, and maximize profits in the ever-changing world of cryptocurrency.

The Bitcoin 4-Year Cycle: A Guide to Understanding and Leveraging the Cycle with Whaleportal

Explore the intriguing world of Bitcoin trading with our comprehensive guide on understanding and leveraging the Bitcoin 4-Year Cycle using the Whaleportal trading dashboard. Discover how key metrics can help predict market trends and make strategic trading decisions that align with your investment goals.

How to Use Open Interest to Your Advantage in Bitcoin Trading

Discover how to use open interest to your advantage in Bitcoin trading with Whaleportal. This beginner and intermediate trader-friendly guide explains the concept of open interest, its significance, and how to utilize it for market sentiment analysis, price reversal prediction, and spotting trading opportunities. Enhance your trading strategies with Whaleportal's real-time data tools

Bitget Automated Trading: Using AI and Futures Grids to Create Trading Bots

Learn how to use Bitget's automated trading features in this beginner-friendly guide. Discover how to set up AI and Futures Grid trading bots, understand safety orders, and monitor your bots' performance. Start capitalizing on market fluctuations today!

A Comprehensive Guide to Bitcoin Futures Trading on Whaleportal

Explore our comprehensive guide to Bitcoin futures trading on Whaleportal. Understand key indicators like Bitcoin Balance on Exchanges, Open Interest, Fear and Greed Index, Premium Index, Funding Rates, and Taker Buy/Sell Ratio. Learn how to interpret these indicators and apply them in real-world trading scenarios through detailed case studies. Discover advanced strategies that combine multiple indicators for a more comprehensive market view. This guide provides the knowledge and tools to enhance your trading strategies and make more informed decisions in the dynamic world of Bitcoin futures trading.

Understanding the Impact of Taker Buy/Sell Ratio on Bitcoin Trading

Explore the impact of the Taker Buy/Sell Ratio on Bitcoin trading in our latest blog post. Learn how this key market indicator can enhance your trading strategies and provide valuable insights into market sentiment. Dive into the world of Bitcoin trading with WhalePortal.

A Closer Look at Funding Rates and Their Impact on Bitcoin Futures Trading

Explore the significant role of funding rates in Bitcoin futures trading. Understand how they influence trading decisions, reflect market sentiment, and vary across exchanges like Bitget, Binance, Bybit, and more. Learn how WhalePortal's real-time data can help you make informed, strategic trading decisions.

Understanding the Bitcoin Trading Ecosystem: A Deep Dive into Bitcoin Whales

Explore the intricate world of Bitcoin trading with our comprehensive guide. Understand the role of Bitcoin whales, their influence on market trends, and how to monitor their activity using Whaleportal. Dive deep into whale metrics and leverage this knowledge to enhance your trading strategies. This guide is a must-read for anyone eager to navigate the complex and exciting landscape of cryptocurrency trading.

Breaking the Chains of Analysis Paralysis in Crypto Trading

Overcome analysis paralysis in crypto trading with WhalePortal. Learn about the concept, backed by research and studies, and discover how WhalePortal empowers traders to make data-driven decisions with confidence. Enhance your trading performance and break free from the psychological trap of analysis paralysis.

Analyzing the Link Between Crypto Fear and Greed Index and Bitcoin Return

This article explores the relationship between investor sentiment, as captured by the Crypto Fear and Greed Index, and Bitcoin returns.

The 18.6 year cycle

The 18.6-year cycle also known as the McWhirter cycle is an economic market cycles based on the position of the north node going through various constellations.

The Shemitah Cycle (7-year Cycle)

The Shemitah Cycle is a 7-year cycle that investors use to predict market crashes and recessions. Most significant market crashes and recessions have occurred during a Shemitah year

Bitcoin 16-year Cycle

The Bitcoin 16-year cycle is an asset class cycle of 16 years. Many technologies have followed this 16-year cycle in the past, for example, the dot-com bubble.

Sunspot Cycles and Bitcoin

This article explains the correlation between solar activity (sunspot cycles) and the financial markets. It also focuses on the Bitcoin price in correlation to the sunspot cycle and if you can use the sunspot cycle to predict the future of the financial markets.